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Asesores del Caribe is a sister company of Castillo y Castillo. It was created due to the demand of clients who were seeking reliable and prompt service for trademark and patent applications throughout the Caribbean. Due to our geographical position and easiness to access the various jurisdictions within the Caribbean region, work in this area informally started in 1997 offering trademark services. As the amount of work increased, the Caribbean team formed within Castillo y Castillo saw the need to set up a net of associates that eventually gave birth to Asesores in 1999, rapidly expanding its territory coverage due to clients demand and today includes the whole Caribbean region. Benefits offered to our clients include:
Competitive tariffs
Promptness of service
Confidence that the work entrusted will be appropriately and timely done
Backup of a solid and worldwide recognized office such as Castillo y Castillo



  Av. Lope de Vega No. 13 - Santo Domingo, D.R.
T: +1 (809) 562-3450, F: +1 (809) 476-6961
Email: asesores@castillo.com.do